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Unstudio uses AI to create stunning visuals for your products for marketing, social media, website and more, instantly. No Photoshoots required.

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Don't let design be a bottleneck

Trained on millions of graphics, Unstudio puts the power of generative AI into the hands of brands everywhere


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Discover how you can use Unstudio in your creative workflows

Drag and drop interface
Drag and drop, resize, rotate and place your products anywhere you want in your perfect shot. Also add accessories that complement your product.
Style every shot to perfection, with AI
Describe your scene in simple english and Unstudio will turn your products into show stopping content. Go from concept to campaign before others have their first mood board.
Elevate your look, on every platform
Whether promoting on instagram, your website catalogue, or anywhere else, let your products shine and stand out. Easily edit, upscale and share your products in any size and aspect ratio.

Generate entire Photoshoots in seconds

Generate stunning and photo-realistic settings for your product in seconds. Just upload a picture, describe what you want and let AI do the rest.

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Unstudio gives your brand creative wings

Generate stunning assets

Photo-realistic. Real easy. High-definition real-time rendering in browser.

100x your output

Whether you're an entrepreneur, designer or creator, Unstudio helps you scale up.

Save time and money instantly

No expensive studio setups, photoshoots or travel required. Do it in your browser.

Save countless design hours

Use magical AI tools and save your designers countless hours spent editing on photoshop.

Generate assets that convert

Learn what works. A/B testing has never been this wasy. Design new creatives in seconds.

Stay Fresh

Make all your designs evergreen. Give your products a new look instantly.


Trusted by top startups, d2C and ecommerce companies

Unstudio is one of the coolest and most convenient product I have been introduced to this year. As a startup, there’s loads to focus on, especially when it comes to the product shoots and aesthetics. It has definitely help cut down the time I spend on curating the perfect background, the time that’s spent, and most importantly it has given me the comfort of accessibility from my home. It has a brilliant background removal program and also gives me multiple options to chose from. We at GuruOm are extremely happy with our association.

Hridi Narang, Co-founder GuruOm Candles

Unstudio helped us to get high definition quality images for our products which we used on social media for content creation and displaying our products on ecommerce marketplaces.It saves a lot of time as well as offers value for money.It gives your product a unique touch which attracts customers and buyers in general.It will accelarate your product launch process and is easy to use.

Nupur Ghundiyal Sapra, Founder Belief cosmetics